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BarTender Network ENTERPRISE Software designer with 3 Enterprise printer licenses

£ 2,187.21
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BarTender Network ENTERPRISE Software designer with 3 Enterprise printer licensesClick here to download the 2019 free version.  As well you can buy the Automation version here that has many additional features including the ability to link a common label layout to your product list. Just create a list of your products using the new database builder included to link to a Spreadsheet. With a list of your product codes and or name and descriptions and barcode numbers, shelf life and more. When you come to print the labels you see the list and can choose one or more products and a quantity needed. This saves time wasted opening and closing individual label designs as well as allowing you to make quick updates to your product information in the list without having to create and amend lots of separate label documents. BarTender professional can be set to print the manufacturing date and or expiry date automatically by grabbing the shelf life you entered and it used the current computer date to push forward and print the correct expiry date every without you having to worry and no need for any extra date stamp or labels. You can also set a prompt box so when printing you are prompted to enter the batch number for example so it appears on each label of that batch important for traceability.  The new 2019 has an inbuilt table editor useful say for say nutrition table as well as an internal database list creator in case you did not want to link to an external database or spreadsheet.
The Enterprise edition designer allows any number of designers across a network.  An Enterprise print license (available separately) is needed for each printer connected.
Enterprise has the same advanced features as Automation to help link BarTender to other programs by simple passing of email or writing of  a text file for example BarTender labels can be triggered to be printed from almost any software program.
The Enterprise level also has Librarian that is able to record all activities of label creation and editing and who printed the labels and how many. Important for say important for say traceability and due diligence.