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How It Works

The OKI Pro takes an 8 inch diameter roll of pre-cut labels or a plain slit roll of media for printing and cutting later.

Inside the OKI Pro there are adjustable media sensors to ensure accurate register of the print onto the labels using the label gaps, holes, notches or reverse side printed black marks to re-register.

For the OKI Pro 1040 there is a one piece combined replaceable toner hopper drum station for each colour C, Y, M, K.  For the OKI Pro 1050 there is an extra + W white station so 4 colour process + White.

When printing the individual colours are first imaged electrostatically onto each drum, then combined to the image on the transfer belt.

Unlike other laser type printers and older designs the uniqueness of the OKI Pro triangular belt path separates the imaging drums a good distance from the straight through media stock path preventing any adhesive or media contact with the drums.

The imaged colour toner transfers from the belt to the media just before being heat fused to the media surface by passing through the heated fuser rollers.

A strong rotary cutter separates the media at the end of a run or can be set to cut off each label or tag to make separate tag or tickets items.

Various winder, stripper and cutting options are available for making neat printed rolls and for digital cutting and finishing any shape adding flexibility.

For the OKI Pro 1050 CYMK + WHITE  it can additionally print white. This is useful to print white onto clear. Print white on any precolour media, print white below colours to make them pop out. It's even possible to print white on top illusuion. This is done by seleting one of various image filters available in the driver settings to get differerent white added effects, some of which are pictured here.


The rewinder option is the basic addition to wind neat rolls of printed labels or media or tags. See Note 1) about printing full beed 


The stripper rewinder option is available for those wanting to print full beed labels and strip the waste off as you wind. See Note 2) about printing with waste on.


The OKI Pro and its winder options can be accomodated on a standard office size desk or table. Or as preferred there is a purpose made table available with position locators for the priner and winder or printer and stripper winder.


You may like to use low cost plain continuous roll in the OKI Pro to print your label images at low cost and with a 4mm black square mark along side each label image. Then use our Eclipse Mini digital finisher to register and cut out the labels to any size and shape using the cut line in the design. Even optionally laminate the labels just before cutting to shape for extreme durability or alteration of finish / look.

Note 1) printing full colour bleed. The OKI Pro cant print colour right to the edge of a label (called bleed to edge). So if you do want to print full bleed labels we supply labels with cut to size but with a waste border left on. You can print the design over the edges of the inner label. Works well as a low cost method if the user is going to pop the labels out and hand apply them.

Note 2) printing full colour bleed waste on. If you want to print labels with full beed and the user wants to auto apply the labels then we make the labels with all the waste on and the shapes cut into the roll face and a black registration marks to the rear. The registration marks enable you to register the design on each label. The waste left on catches the spare ink without it going off the edge of the label. The labels can be rewound using the stripper winder so that the waste is removed as you wind the finished labels.

Parts In Stock. We are main OKI Pro label specialists with stock of machines, toner drums for use as conumables, and other parts changed once or twice per year with heavy use like the fuser, belt and cutter unit as needed.

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