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Natasha's Law - is named after Natasha Ednan-Laperouse who at the age of 15 passed away due to a severe allergic reaction.

Natasha's Law - is a relatively new legislation that requires food packed on the same site from which it's sold to be labelled with ingredients and allergens.

Natasha's Law - helps consumers to easily identify the meal ingredients and especially any items that could cause an allergic reaction.

Natasha's Law– is in force from October 2021


You will need to apply a label to your product or 

packaging that clearly shows the ingredients.

If any allergens are present then those need to be highlighted so they stand out, usually by making the allergens in a bold font.

The 14 main allergens are: celery, cereals containing gluten (such as barley and oats), crustaceans (such as prawns, crabs and lobsters), eggs, fish, lupin, milk, molluscs (such as mussels and oysters), mustard, peanuts, sesame, soybeans, sulphur dioxide and sulphites.

It's possible to hand design each label individually but that can get very tedious and will consume much of your valuable time. We we recommend to use one of our readymade label printing solutions designed for Natashas Law and general food labelling that can automatically search for and automatically bold any allergens in your product ingredients...


Our Touch-To-Label ® range are stand-alone compact machines not needing a computer to operate, ideal for location in small spaces, right at the work place.

Our BarTenderCloud is a way to access and print labels held safe up on the cloud without needing or having to maintain complex computer equipment. You can simply select and print labels using your phone or a tablet.  A label printer equipped with Wi-Fi will connect to the cloud and output the labels you need.

Our BarTenderProfessional range computer software linked label printers cope with higher volumes of labels for kitchens and production halls, available with black only or full colour label printing using roll label printers from our range supporting the smallest to largest label printing needs and the quantity of labels you need for each print run. 


Our compact size Touch-To-Label ® machines can be wall or desk mounted and are fully portable.

They work stand-alone without any need for a computer. They incorporate a label print engine for fast delivery of your label(s) activated with the touch a picture of the product or selection from your product list. 

The various information for the labels is held in an electronic list inside for fast look-up using the single touch selection, working even with a gloved hand. The label information can be edited and loaded to the machine(s) using a data key loaded with a simple spreadheet when new products come along. They have WiFi connectivity so can be updated via the internet also with the ability to update several unuts at a time, so ideal for cafe and retail chains so the all hit of the same label specification. We offer a managed service for rapid label design, secure storage of informatiion and remote updating so all you need is one finger to print your labels.

Our Touch-to-Label ® machines use direct thermal printing, so no ink or print ribbon.The printed label is very readable and the Allergens clearly visible even when there are many ingredients in your recipes. We offer many label layouts ready formated for instant use.  

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Our BARTENDER ® range includes PC Windows compatible computer software linked to one or more roll label printers to cope with larger and higher volumes of labels for kitchens, production halls and distribution. Available with black only or full colour label printing we support the smallest to largest label production needs printing exactly the quantity of labels for each print run. We supply blank labels on rolls any size or shape to best fit your products with a printer of choice and help to get you started. Your label can be full of information required by modern day legislation but also good looking for display. You can try BARTENDER ® free, but be sure to ask us for help and with our readymade label templates and popular efficient roll fed label printing and proven Just-in-Time methods. Download BarTender here

Using the 'Word Processor'

BarTender Professional is a powerful but easy to use label layout software.  You set the label size, the example below is 50mm x 50mm. Then add the product ingredients using the 'Word Processor'. This allows you to select each allergen word and set it to bold. You can add other information like pack weight, expiry date, barcode and more. The expiry date can be manually entered at print time or can be automatically set and printed based on the shelf-life of the product in days. Using this method you do have to layout a separate label design for each product. You can use the 'Content Scaling' feature to reduce the size of the overal ingredients content so it can fit into quite small labels so the label is not so obtrusive on the packaging even placed somewhere on the back of the package. Note the lower case text height should be 1.2mm minimum. But if the label is under 8 square centimerers for example (80mm x 80mm) then it can go down to 0.9mm to ensure to accommodate all the ingredients on the most full recipe. Ask us for a sample label.


Using 'Print From a List 'has advantages.

BartTender professional has a 'Print From a List' feature. You keep your products with ingredient details in a list and no need to bold the allergens manually.  You only need one label design linked to the list.  At print time you can search for and select one or more products entering a quantity for each as needed.  As the labels are merge printed printed BarTender will automatically find and bold any allergen words on every label printed.  You can easily copy a products details from one row in the list to a new row to instantly create a new product based on the copied one.  For example a ham and tomato sandwich will have almost the same ingredeints as a ham sandwich, just delete the tomoto ingredient in the title and the ingredients list, change the barcode number and shelf-life as needed. There is no need to open, print and close each label document as in the previous method. Selecting labels needed for printing each day from your product listing takes only moments.  Ask us for a sample label.



Our NATASHA'S BASIC DIRECT THERMAL kit is a low cost package to print labels with allergens in bold type and to UK GOV Food labelling laws. We include the latest Toshiba TEC BV420 300dpi direct thermal label roll printer + BarTender Professional label software and free set up help and advice. The label printer has a 300dpi print quality needed for that small text size when printing food ingredients. The BarTender Professional label layout software makes it easy to position the product title, ingredients, barcode, expiry date and any other message/s you want to add to the label.

The software allows for you to bold the allergens in the ingredients listing which is the main requirement. 

You can use either the Word Processor or Print From a List Method described above. 

The THERMAL TRANSFER LABEL ROLL PACKAGE  can use direct thermal printing or thermal transfer using a print ribbon to achive a higher quality print.  The transfer method uses our plain labels that are also heat proof for food that is served hot.

The COLOUR LABEL ROLL PACKAGE uses fused toner to print variable colour labels. It also has a strong guillotine cutter so can print and cut variabel length colour labels to suit your different size product packages from one low cost plain roll of label media. Or use precut labels to shape and size as needed.

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A colour label printer prints at a much higher quality especially for the fine print needed for ingredients listings and occupying a smaller space on the labels.  You can add colour pictures of the products as well as brand names. We stock and support a wide range of mono and full colour labels printers that work well with our FMS food recipe software.

Read more about Colour Inkjet Roll label printers..

Read more about our Food Management System FMS labelling from recipe's.


Our customers enjoy the low cost of plain labels direct from our factory, printing their designs in exact quantities.   We provide label media as cut labels or slit rolls in a variety of papers and plastics.

Ask us for a label quotation for the size sand shape you need.

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