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DPR Scorpio+ 210mm wide Digital Finishing System no laminator

£ 11,180.00
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DPR Scorpio+ 210mm wide Digital Finishing System no laminator
  • DPR Scorpio+ 210mm wide Digital Finishing System no laminator
  • DPR Scorpio+ 210mm wide Digital Finishing System no laminator
  • DPR Scorpio+ 210mm wide Digital Finishing System no laminator
  • DPR Scorpio+ 210mm wide Digital Finishing System no laminator
The Scorpio Series digital finishing systems offer a low-cost flexible solution for the production of professional looking high quality die-cut labels. Scorpio laminates*, digitally die-cuts, remove the excess label material around each die-cut shape, slits, and rewinds offering you everything to professionally cut and finish labels.
*model dependent.this SCL22A model does not include the laminator section to optionally add a thin self adhesive clear protective layer to the labels before cutting to size and shape, see SCL22LA model if lamination section is required.

All Scorpio models provide a very accurate label finishing solution using cutting plotter technology.This allows you to cut different types of material and shapes on the fly without the added cost of dies.

The units are equipped with a cutter management tool that works together with a camera forming an integrated optical black-mark registration system providing cutting speed optimization and avoiding synchronization issues.


  1. #PRODUCT DETAILS#The DPR Scorpio crate includes the following items:-

    1 DPR Scorpio digital finishing system
    1 Copy of iMark control software
    1 Digital die-cutting knife with holder
    1 Full set of slitting blades
    Input roll max diameter 250mm (9.84")
    Output roll max diameter: 250mm (9.84")
    Minimum web width: 110mm (4.33")
    Maximum web width: 225mm (8.86") on SCR22 and SCR22PL or 355mm (14") on SCR35PL
    Maximum die-cutting width: 200mm (7.87") on SCR22 and SCR22PL or 330mm (13") on SCR35PL
    Minimum slitting width: 19mm (0.75") with up to 8 blades
    Minimum label length: 10mm (0.39")
    Maximum label length: 381mm (15")
    Cutting speed: 600mm/s (24"/s) in all directions
    Cutting technology: Tungsten carbide pivoting knife
    Cut file protocol: HPGL
    Optical sensing: Optical camera black mark detection
    Agency certifications: CE, FCC, RoHS
    Warranty: 12 months parts and labour, usage limitations may apply
  3. #WARRANTY# This DPR product is supplied with a 12 month return-to-base parts and labour warranty. The customer is responsible for all shipping costs associated with returning the product to KTEC's workshops for repair under warranty. The provision of a loan machine for the period of any repairs is not covered by this warranty. The warranty is not an "on-site" service. On-site service options are available at additional cost.
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    Printing your own labels can be a rewarding and enjoyable experience, but only if you know how to use your equipment and software correctly. While most of our products are designed to be user-friendly, there are many techniques and methods that can be used to achieve the various print results that customers require across many industry sectors. Some of these ideas can be difficult to convey over the phone or via e-mail, so KTEC offer a comprehensive range of equipment installation and on-site user training options with all printer products and software. These services are available across the UK, however cost varies depending upon your location. Please enquire at the time of purchase. A customer receiving user training