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your - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - answered.     

If you have a specific question please do call us 0044 1527 529713 or email: [email protected] for an answer.

What do you do?...We stock and sell roll fed desktop digital label printers, die-cut rolls of labels, inks, software and provide installation, training and support to companies and individuals who want to print their own labels. We manufacture labels always on rolls any shape or size at high quality and low cost, it's the most efficient method of label printing. We have a range ofthermal / thermal transfer label printers popular for barcode labels and compact full colour label printersfor as well aslarger industrial colour label printersfor product and packaging labels.  Labels with basic information on them like barcodes to full colour photo quality labels is possible by selection of a printer from our range with our help and advice.  To maximise savings possible by printing your own labels see our range of label finishing machines you can print and cut from low cost plain roll. Be sure to email us your artwork to [email protected] for free samples and cost to print idea.  We show how to save money as well as increasing operational flexibility and boosting profits.

What are the benefits?...You don't need to be dependent on others. You only need a few sizes of low-cost blank labels on rolls, so your inventory cost is greatly reduced. You print the various labels for your products and packages just when you need them (Just-In-Time). You can alter the labels on your computer in moments to update the designs so you never have any out of date labels that need to be binned. There is an option to link the label printer to a product list so it only takes moments to select and print lall the abels needed that day.  The expiry date and or batch number as well as a unique serial numbers or barcode can be printed on the labels eliminating the need for additional labels or date marking equipment best for product traceability and stock control.  Our label printers can be used to develop products, make sample labels and win new business as well as for production runs in exact numbers.

How do I get my design on the label?...We include a starter version of BartTender or NiceLabel design software for your PC or Laptop. You can easily drag on your own pictures, text, barcodes, logo and more to create and print labels in moments. Some of our customers prefer to use Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, Corel Draw or other design programs or they use an artist with these programs and design skills if a unique design or logo needs to be created. With BarTenderProyou can use a combination of artist designed background(s) and variable product data merged at print time from your product list. For more information on BarTender versions click here

Can I use my PC or Mac?...All our label printers have Windows compatibility to connect to a PC or Laptop. The popular high quality print Primera LX500eLX910eLX2000e  and Epson C6000 series label printers also have Mac connectivity.  PC Windows users can enjoy a free copy of BarTender or Nice Label design and print software bundled with many of our machines. 

What sizes and shapes can I print?....We stock a range of the popular gloss ink jet paper labels for colour and thermal transfer labels for barcodes and black text in various sizes and shapes for next day delivery for those who need to get started quickly.  At our ISO factory we make more than 5000 sizes see the range of cutters available and shapes for our customers from our tool library with a fresh made delivery in 7-10 days. We quote to make 2k, 5k, 10k, 20k, 50k, 100k, 250k, 500k or 1000k  (k=1000) batches to suit each customer’s needs at lowest prices. Think of an annual usage and divide by 4, is the most common and economical delivery quantity, 4 deliveries per year on average, let us know the anual usage and the size needed and the finish see below.

Is there a choice of materials?...Yes, for colour ink jet the most popular by far is our AJetF gloss ink paper providing that vibrant colour look for retail and more. The 'F' indicates we use freeze adhesive that has a natural rubber content so high grab onto most surfaces and good for ambient, chill or freeze. But we have matt and semi-gloss paper and matt, satin, gloss and silver polypropylene (pp) as well as a clear pp.  We have textured vintage look wine bottle type papers popular for that handmade look. Paper labels can wrinkle and absorbe damp over time if stored in damp / wet conditions but have a good splash resistance for sink side use, refrigeration, freeze, or dipping in in an ice bucket for example.  Our SJET and CJET matt white PP have a high moisture resistance and durability when used with our pigment ink printers, even for outdoor use and international shipping to BS5609 and GHS requirements. You can view our complete range of ink jet label media here but be sure to ask for printed samples and cost per print idea for your approval.

Can I vary the text, barcode and expiry date at print time?...yes, we supply the BarTenderProversion that allows for variable data. The main use is to link a common label template to a product list say in a spreadsheet so that at print time its quick to select one or more products in the list and print labels for the selected products fast and efficiently.  Each record in the list can contain (say for a food company example) a product code, product name, description, ingredients, nutrition, instructions, barcode, shelf life, picture name, logo name and more. The data, pictures and barcode vary by industry and is merged to print the quantity of labels for each selected product at print time in a matter of moments. The software can be set to prompt you for a batch number for traceability as well as automatically printing the product expiry date based on the stored shelf life information.

Can I print food nutrition labels?...Yes you can do that with BarTender and BarTenderPro. It's easiest with BarTenderPro as we can help set up a Spreadsheet with columns that include the ingredients and nutrition for each product. The allergen words like milk and wheat etc, can be automatically bolded.  We also have the Food Manufacturing System (FMS) that is a recipe based labelling system where you only need enter your ingredients once, then combine one or more ingredients by weight to make products. The FMS system automatically creates the label composition, Quids% for main ingredients, nutrition and allergen details for each product automatically. If you change any one ingredient then all the labels are updated in less than one second! 

Can I use the labels on automated dispensers and applicators?...Yes but you will need a rewinderto wind the labels onto a roll first and using a cardboard core. See which label roll winder suits your printer model. Then you can transfer the printed roll to one of our label dispensers that speeds up had application by up to 6 times faster. Or transfer the printed roll to one of our semi-automatic or fully automatic label applicators.   Please note that our clear pp labels are supplied with black registration marks on the back of the release paper.  Any label printer, dispenser or applicator will need to be equipped with a sensor / setting for registering on black marks when using the clear labels.

Can I print and cut labels to the shapes and sizes I need?...Yes for small users the new Primera LX610e prints at high quality the label image then can cut out the shape too. For higher quantities you may lke to see our Eclipse finishers line Mini (6 inches wide) and Mini + (8 inches wide) that can cut out labels, remove the waste and wind to neat rolls. You can even add a clear lamination layer before the cutting to make label with extreme durability. The larger LF220e and LF350S Eclipse machines are suited to professional print companies.

Can pay by instalments?...Yes we accept debit card or bank transfer by proforma invoice.  But we also provide spread payment terms.  Customers get the best system they need for just a few £ per day on our lease finance package often claiming all the VAT back as well. Ask us for details.

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