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16 inch BottleMatic Label Applicator Optical Sensor + waste winder

£ 2,150.00
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16 inch BottleMatic Label Applicator Optical Sensor + waste winderThe BottleMatic semi-automatic label applicators make it fast and easy to apply pressure-sensitive labels to bottles, cans, jars, tubes and many other cylindrical and tapered containers. Up to 1200 containers per hour is possible. Labels are applied straight, without wrinkles or folds. This gives finished products a highly professional look and significantly increases the number of containers that can be labelled per hour versus manually applying labels.

Operation is simple: set the guides, place the container in the mechanism, press the foot switch and the label is applied. A wide range of products can be labelled, including wine, water, beer, spirits and other beverages, sauces, vitamins, cosmetics, bath and spa products, spices, speciality foods, health and beauty care, oils, lotions, fragrances, chemicals, paint and much more.

The OS version includes a reliable optical label gap sensors well as a waste winder.
The OS model can apply a single labels to the front or a front and a back labels when on the same roll.
Also included is a bottle detector so you can work with the foot switch trigger or have the system detect the placement of the bottle to activate.
The counter shows how many bottles are labelled.


• Dispensa-Matic’s own NO-ADJUST optical sensors (no sensor adjustment or cleaning)
• Capable of dispensing labels down to 1 mil thickness
• Reduces bubbles
• Proportional tapering
• 8″ diameter roll capability
• Includes automatic Bottle-Detect® and waste Re-Winder
• 10" or 16″ width frame, the 16" can label LARGE 3 Liter wine bottles
• Standard sensor is for opaque labels only.
• For transparent labels: An optional "black line” sensor is available on request (special order lead time, no charge).
• If you have a container less than 3/4" in diameter please mention that you will need the TALL roller blocks to accommodate your small diameter container.

The Bottle-Matic Label Applicator enables the user to label all kinds of cylindrical objects by simply inserting the container. Once the object is inserted, the label is applied at over 4.5″ per second, most water bottles are labeled in less than 2 seconds! This allows the user to quickly remove the bottle and insert another to start the procedure again. Once a rhythm is established bottles are labeled VERY quickly. The Bottle-Matic can label products at speeds of 1200 Pieces an hour!

The Bottle-Matic OS: is designed for cylindrical items from .5″ – 8″ in diameter, and from 2″ – 15″ in container height (Please note, containers that are less than 3/4" in diameter requires TALL roller blocks, and must be mentioned when purchasing.)

Included Add-Ons:
Waste-Rewinder-:This automatically rewinds the waste paper that is produced after labeling your product. Without this attached the waste paper would simple fall over the back of the machine and into a waste bin.
Auto-Matic:This allows you to just insert your bottle and the labeler automatically activates. Foot switch is still included, but not needed!
Counter:The counter allows you to see how many applications that have been applied.