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BTP-1 add extended support for 3 years

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 BTP-1 add extended support for 3 years

BarTender Professional is fully featured.  Popular uses:

Product list printing
Most popular for automating label printing by linking to databases, spreadsheets or text file so to select and print from a list of your items.  The variable data held in each row of the list is merged to the label at print time.
The product list can be flexible as needed to contain columns to include say product title, description, shelf life, barcode number and more.
If you don’t have a readymade product list then BarTender Professional includes a simple to use internal database manager to create your product list.

Natashas Law
For food land drink labelling ask us for an example label and product list template that includes the standard list of allergens. When the selected product labels is printed BarTender Professional will automatically bold any allergens found in your ingredients listings saving many hours of work.

Automated expiry date
The system will check the shelf life days held in the product list for that product and by checking todays date on the computer will automatically add the shelf life days and print the correct expiry date as 'best before' for fresh or "use by' for frozen goods.

Form data entry
A form can be set for the user so at print time they can enter other manually keyed day such as a batch or lot number for example.

Compound barcodes
As well as popular product barcodes like EAN13 BarTender Professional lets you combine information to create so called concatenated EAN128 barcodes containing say product number, expiry date, lot number and more.

Serial Numbering
Some users will find it useful to serial number each and every label printed for tracking and traceability purposes.
The serial number printed can be used to account / count products as well as being incorporated into a barcode as a unique product serial number for example.

Background designs
If using colour label printers, a colour image can be included as a background so that the variable product data is overlaid to provide for professional combination of picture and product data.  The picture or background can be automatically changed by including the data source in a product list column.

Curving text
Curving text to fit a background label design or to create text in a circle say round a jar lid can be a useful feature.